Get Your Child the Help They Need

Get Your Child the Help They Need

Adolescent and child mental health services in Houston, TX

Dealing with childhood and adolescence is challenging enough. Mental health issues can complicate development further if youth don’t get the help they need. The moment you notice an issue with your child’s behavior, get in touch with Flourish Mental Health in Houston, TX right away. Our team will equip you and your child with the tools you both need to take control of their mental health.

Expert guidance through a range of mental health issues

One of the most common challenges that Flourish Mental Health team faces is the misdiagnosis of children. That’s why it’s important to only put your trust in the hands of an experienced psychiatrist. Count on our mental health professionals to offer accurate diagnosis, design a customized treatment plan and provide ongoing support for you and your child.

Turn to Flourish Mental Health for professional diagnosis and medical management for the following:

• Anxiety disorders—characterized by overwhelming feelings of worry
• Depression—persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest
• Bipolar disorder—extreme mood swings or manic epsiodes
• Schizophrenia—hearing or seeing things that aren't there or fear/mistrust of people
• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)—anxiety surrounding a traumatic event
• Autism spectrum disorder—a range of developmental disorders related to autism
• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD/ADD)—attention difficulty and hyperactivity
• Substance abuse disorder—overuse of a substance leading to significant impairment
• Insomnia—persistent problems falling and staying asleep
• Behavioral issues/school difficulties—issues practicing good behavior in classroom setting

Don’t put your child’s mental health on the back burner. Get them the help that they need by calling (832) 639-2015 to schedule an appointment with Flourish Mental Health in Houston, TX today!