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Discover the path to mental well-being with Flourish Mental Health. We believe that mental health is the foundation of a fulfilling life, impacting work, relationships, and overall wellness. Our comprehensive approach, backed by advanced technology and experienced professionals, ensures you receive the care you deserve.

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Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

A Revolutionary Drug-Free Treatment for Depression

Telepsychiatry Health Services

At Flourish Mental Health, we believe everyone should have access to mental health support. Through video conferencing technology, we are able to help people throughout Texas. The video conferencing software we utilize is similar to Skype but with increased security for patient privacy and is HIPPA compliant.

This technology allows flexibility for patients that may travel frequently, have busy work schedules, or live in an area that does not have enough psychiatrists or therapists.

The care received is the same as if you saw the provider in person. Medication management and therapy can be provided through this service. Medications are simply electronically sent to your local pharmacy.

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One of the most common challenges that our team faces is the misdiagnosis of children. This is dangerous for many reasons, but it’s especially complicated by medication management. If you’re concerned about you or your child’s mental health, don’t receive treatment or guidance from anyone but an experienced professional. Count on Flourish Mental Health to provide you with the quality mental health care you deserve.

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