Why Choose Flourish Mental Health?

Our team can provide an evaluation for a myriad of concerns from stress, anxiety, sadness, and difficulties at work or school to bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, autism, and substance abuse problems.

In addition, our health care specialists can take over treatment from a previous psychiatrist. We will still perform a full evaluation to confirm the previous diagnosis and assess for any new problems.

With a 1 hour initial evaluation and 30 minute follow-up appointments, Flourish Mental Health provides the highest quality of care.

We do not accept any insurance including Medicaid and Medicare as this limits the amount of time we are able to spend with each patient. We believe in giving you options when it comes to your mental healthcare, which is why we offer a variety of programs with different mental healthcare specialists at various price points.

Dr. Bryant, Psychiatrist – $200 per half hour; Combo visit with Dr. Bryant’s assistant and Dr. Bryant himself – $125 per half hour

Forensic (court) evaluations/documentation: $6,000 retainer, $600 per hour.

George Attobrah, Nurse practitioner – $100 per half hour

Forensic (court) evaluations/documentation: $3,000 retainer, $300 per hour.

Stephanie Bloodworth, Therapist – $75 per half hour

Forensic (court) evaluations/documentation: $2,000 retainer, $200 per hour.

Flourish Mental Health keeps you connected through a secured electronic patient portal. You will have online access to appointment scheduling, communication with our mental health professionals, and questionnaires that track your symptoms over time.

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How do you become a patient at Flourish Mental Health?

Simply call to see which option may be right for you

When you call Flourish Mental Health, you will speak directly with one of our team members to schedule your appointment. Should you have any questions prior to your appointment, we will gladly address all inquiries and concerns via phone or email. Don’t wait to get the help you deserve, call Flourish Mental Health today!