I love this Dr.! He is so genuinely caring and really tries his best to help you. I just started treatment recently but already feel capable in his hands. He doesn't rush you in and out like other DR.'s and is very knowledgeable about all areas of health.


I have a very complicated history, and the doctor listened, taking his time. He asked all the right questions. My God, I made more sense to me after I left! I could see how a missed diagnosis for over a decade has led to many problems and multiple hospitalizations. He was also so non-judgemental. I really appreciate his bedside manner.


Great doctor! Very patient and makes you feel comfortable. He has helped me get my life back and feel good again. Everyone in my life has seen a change and it’s all thanks to Dr. Bryant!


Dr. Nicholas Bryant was great and made my transition from New York City to Texas very easy.


Great doctor. so smart and professional. office was easy to find and had accessible parking. feel very, very fortunate to have found dr. bryant.


He was very knowledgable about the medications I needed, and I especially appreciate that if they don't work, he knows how to try something else! 🙂