Chronic Pain and Mental Health: An Alarming Battle

The relationship between acute pain, chronic pain, and its impact on mental health is a complex and interwoven phenomenon that significantly influences the well-being of individuals. Understanding the complex interplay between acute pain, chronic pain, and mental health is paramount in developing effective strategies for comprehensive care, recognizing that addressing both the physical and emotional […]

Social Media and Mental Health

By Catherine Wachira, PMHNP Social media carries plenty of enjoyable benefits such as connecting people, providing resources and support groups, as well as advertising. Commonly, people spend hours on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Messenger. Unfortunately, excessive use of social media can negatively impact mental health and has even been linked […]

Music Therapy and Mental Health

By Catherine Wachira, PMHNP Music therapy is defined as the use of music in a clinical setting with the goal of attaining therapeutic goals established by the patient and the provider. Some of the goals may include stress reduction, management of anxiety and depression, as well as improving self-expression. Music therapy may include playing instruments, […]

Overview of Play Therapy

By Nazia Islam, LPC-S, RPT I love working with children, observing their creativity, the way they see the world, and resiliency.  Prior to becoming a Registered Play Therapist I would use talk therapy and my rapport with children to see improvements. However, there were times I would hit a wall. The wall I was hitting […]

Drama Therapy : An immersive and Creative Approach to Therapy

By Hannah Henderson I believe play is the most natural medium of self expression for all of humanity. Oftentimes, as we grow older and the world begins to mold and conform us, play is abandoned. It is at that point that we begin to lose integral parts of our development; individuality, creativity and freedom. Drama […]

Relationships and their Impact on Mental Health

By Catherine Wachira, PMHNP Studies have shown that engaging in high quality close relationships leads to improvedmental and physical well-being (Canvello & Crocker, 2010). However, barriers such as physical illness or social anxiety can lead a person to be home bound and unable to socialize. Others might easily make friends but keeping them might be […]

An Overview of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

By Nazia Islam, LPC-S, RPT When people used to think about therapy the image conjured would be a gray bearded man with a pipe, dark leather sofa and psychoanalysis. Now when people think of therapy, a popular term is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (or CBT). Oftentimes during my initial sessions clients will ask  if I implement […]

The Extremes of the 5 Love Languages

by Jessica Flores, LPC-A You may have read Gary Chapman’s book, “The 5 Love Languages. How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate,” (1992). Those five languages include physical touch, receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, and acts of service. In this book, Chapman explains the different ways to identify our own love language […]

Benefits of Early Mental Health Treatment

By Catherine Wachira, PMHNP Mental health impacts our ability to function at work, personal and social life, as well as how we cope with life changes. Studies have shown that when medication and therapy are combined to treat mental health disorders, the best outcomes are achieved. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for patients to choose […]

Impact of Delayed Mental Health Treatment

By Catherine Wachira, PMHNP Major depression is one of the most common mental health disorders in the U.S. An estimated 21 million adults in the US have experienced at least one major depressive episode (National Institute of Mental Health [NIMH], 2020). Only about half of people affected by depression seek treatment with psychotherapy, medication, or […]