Radical Acceptance and You

Our minds can be a personal prison sometimes, locking us in and berating us for everything we “should” or “could” have done differently but didn’t. And sometimes it locks us in and plays looping video of events we might not have had control over, but that we can’t help but be stuck on. Other times, […]

Real Mindfulness Is Active

“Mindfulness” is one of the latest mental health terms that has been co-opted and misappropriated by our society of trends. Mindfulness allegedly now has something to do with coloring books and a mythical state of letting everything go and being really super calm all the time. While attempting to guide clients into calming breathing exercises, […]

Reasons Not to Change

You wake up in the morning with an overwhelming sense of dread. You weigh how long you can put off the day’s activities. You begin to bargain with what you can avoid and what you cannot. You start to do the math: how much do you make an hour? How much money would you lose […]

Caught in a Thought Storm

Our thoughts and emotions can take control of our daily experience and make it difficult for us to get things done. Maybe your every day is “like living in a soft rain of post-it notes.” Maybe you’re losing time as your mind drifts into a thorough over-analysis of events past and future. You’re stuck reliving feelings and […]